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Dystrophic Gaming Page:

Calculator games for TI-86, a few downloads, links to some sites, pictures, screenshots, and the like. A basic gaming page plus other options for round-the-clock gaming and picture fun. Run by Webmaster Cliff Mayo in Des Moines. 5/5.

World War 2 Pics and Info Page:

Self-explanatory. Pictures of World War 2 ships, though right now, only U.S. ships are listed, and pics are not all uploaded yet. UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!. Good concept. Will be rated when it is finished. Webmaster is Cliff Mayo of Des Moines. As of now, 3/5.

Motorboat Me:

Another typical 'me' site. All about Matt McDonnell, of Des Moines, IA. Matt likes football, women, and more women. 2/5, UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

The Awesome Cheat Code Page:

Also self-explanatory. Lots of cheats and some pictures. Needs some work though. Run by Nick Rawson of Des Moines. 4/5.

TRHS Online

Simply another self-explanatory site. Theodore Roosevelt High School on the internet in Des Moines, IA. Regulated by David Mason of Des Moines. 4/5.


Highly regarded as a live-cam site. Run by David Mason of Des Moines. 5/5.

Online store. Magazine rack. Search engine. Links. Cool stuff. Enough said. Run by Ian Guffy of Des Moines. 5/5.