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Dystrophic Psycho-Analysis test


Question #1: You are walking through the woods, but you are not alone. Who are you walking with?

Question #2: As you are walking, you find an animal. What animal is it?

Question #3: What happens between you and the animal?

Question #4: You come to a clearing with your dream house in it. Describe it in one word.

Question #5: Is there a fence around your house?

Question #6: You go inside. Describe what is on and around the dining room table.

Question #7: You go out the back door and find a cup lying on the ground. What is it made out of?

Question #8: What do you do with the cup?

Question #9: You walk to the edge of the property and find a body of water. What kind of body of water is it?

Question #10: How do you cross it(You MUST cross it)?

What it All Means:

Answer #1: The most important person in your life.

Answer #2: The size of your problems.

Answer #3: How you deal with your problems.

Answer #4: The size of your ambition to solve problems.

Answer #5: Fence - Closed Personality. No Fence - Open Personality

Answer #6: Food, flowers, or people there and you are a happy person.

Answer #7: Durability of material=Durability of relationship with Answer #1.

Answer #8: Your attitude towards Answer #1.

Answer #9: Size of water=Size of sexual desire.

Answer #10: How wet you get=Importance of sex life.